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World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

A global online race around the world to unite community resources & raise awareness

Participating in World Autoimmune Arthritis Day 2015 is easy...and fun!  The event is held from May 15th-May 21st ONLINE and will be in the form of a virtual race around the world.  We'll send you to web and social media sites for dozens of nonprofits, advocates, and support groups so you can gather as many resources as possible.  In addition, you can take Detours to live chats, participate in live action posts and much more.  Learn more.

Each year WAAD relies on nonprofits from around the world to unite in order to share their resources with patients and supporters.  This year the nonprofits will serve as the Race Teams, and participants will sign up to support you by 'racing' around the web and social media posting information about your programs and earning you mileage by "liking" and "sharing" your posts. Participation is EASY!  Learn more.

In addition to sharing information about nonprofits during the online race, WAAD will also feature the online support groups and bloggers who do so much for our community.  Called the "Pit Crew", they will also assist with sharing information and rallying the online crowd to participate in live awareness actions.  Are you a blogger or manage an online support group and want to be involved?  Let us know!

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waad15 is an online event. participate from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.


Are you passionate about helping the community?  Do you have reliable internet access and are active on social media?  WAAD15 is looking for volunteers to help us advertise and run the online event.  Interested?  Let us know!

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