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& raise awareness

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

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Do you wish others would understand your disease and the symptoms associated with it-including the arthritis element?  It's time to unite and together we can tip the scales for education and awareness.  

WAAD16 will provide the platform for change as we attempt a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement: Most pledges received for a health campaign: Not all arthritis is created equal.  Learn more details about the attempt, as well as how you can sign up to be a major part of all of it!

"Arthritis is NOT Created Equal"

tired of hearing this:

"You're too young to have arthritis."

"I have that too, in my (fill in blank)."

"But you don't look sick?"

WAAD16 Sponsors

Global Race begins ONLINE May 19th at 6am ET/USA and the checkered flag waves at 2pm ET/USA on May 22nd. 

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