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Are you a Nonprofit, Advocate, or Advocacy Organization interested in participating in #WAAD17?  Contact info@worldautoimmunearthritisday.org!

​​What is WAAD?

​​​​​​​​​On May 20th - in every time zone globally, which equates 47 continuous hours - the race to raise major awareness begins!

​1. Official Nonprofit Race Teams will "start their engines" at 6am EST on May 19th, and then the event begins!  These Nonprofit Race Teams compete against each other to see who can raise the most awareness in the 47 hour period.  They do this by earning mileage points, which are measurements of their impact and reach.  Mileage points can be earned by:

  • The Nonprofit Race Team will post resources or any other awareness or education materials relevant to these diseases on their Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtag #WAAD17.  For every "like", "share", "retweet" they get they earn 1 mileage point towards spreading awareness.   So make sure you check their pages and help 'move' their posts around the globe - and help them "win" WAAD17!
  • YOU BE A DRIVER!  to do posts on social media, add the hashtag #WAAD17, and tag their organization (or name them if they do not have a specific social media account).  For each post YOU do to support your favorites, they will earn 10 mileage points & 1 mileage point for every "like", "share", or "retweet" you get.*

When is WAAD?

WAAD is hosted on May 20th for the duration of all Time Zones (May 19th 6am EST - May 21st 5am EST)

3.  ​​​​​And the fun part?  It's an actual race to see how much awareness & education we can spread globally in 47 hours - and you & your favorite Nonprofits are "driving" the cars!

​​To truly have a successful awareness campaign the theme has to be interesting enough to catch the attention of those we want to educate.  To do this, we collect as many awareness and education items we can about our diseases from Nonprofits and Advocates/Advocacy Organizations, who either participate as Official Race Teams (Nonprofits), host Kiosks (Nonprofits/Advocacy Organizations), or are part of the Pit Crew (Advocates).  Then we all - including you - SHARE SHARE SHARE!


​2. Those Nonprofits or Advocacy Organizations who are participating as a Kiosk also help to spread awareness by sharing posts.  Like the Nonprofit Race Teams, all the resources they submit will be available for download via the WAAD17 Program (found on this website at the start of the event).

​3.  Community Advocates (Bloggers, Support Group Leaders, etc) are also welcome to participate in the Pit Crew.  Pit Crew participants are community patient leaders who contribute to awareness & education via blogs, online groups, and other ways to help the community.  If they support a particular Nonprofit Race Team, these Advocates could really earn some major mileage points for their favorite team(s)!  They are also invited to submit a link to their blog/group/resource, which will be added to the WAAD17 Program**.

​4. Other ways YOU can spread awareness and/or earn mileage points to support your favorite Nonprofit Race Teams:

  • Host an educational event at a local clinic, hospital, school, etc.  If you do make sure to send us a photo and we'll share!
  • Host a WAAD party to help educate your inner support circle.  Take a photo & tag your favorite nonprofit(s) with the #WAAD17 hashtag & earn them up to 50 mileage points!!! (More details coming soon)
  • Download 100's of resources from the WAAD17 Program & share with friends, family, & the public. 

​*Only Official Nonprofit Race Teams can earn points towards winning WAAD17. 

* All Nonprofits are invited to participate & must register by May 1st, 2017 to qualify. 

* Mileage points can only be recorded when used on Facebook & Twitter & only when the hashtag #WAAD17 is used

* Points for participating Nonprofit Race Teams can only be valid if they are tagged/mentioned & if you make your post PUBLIC, so it is visible to those counting mileage points.

​** Advocates must represent diseases included in the scope of WAAD17.

​​​​Where is WAAD Held?

ONLINE: Social Media.  The majority of the online event will be hosted on social media (Facebook & Twitter).   #WAAD17 is our official hashtag & will be used for any WAAD17 related post.  Follow the official WAAD social media pages & search #WAAD17 to find any related posts from those participating!

OR Anywhere you choose.  LIke any day for awareness for a specific disease group, WAAD can be celebrated anywhere & any way you choose. Host a party, an educational seminar, or simply wear blue & purple.  ​​

Host Your Own Event

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Work Smart, Live Smart

WAAD16 shared over 300 resources and engaged over 100,000 people in 60 countries. 

How many resources can we locate for those affected this year?​  How many people can we educate about our diseases?  We hope you will help make #WAAD17 a record year!​​

​​​​​2.  A Way to Find Resources - From Nonprofits & Advocates/Advocacy Organizations Around the World.  There are many great resources from a variety of groups who are located all over the world - some that you may never know about.  WAAD collects those resources from participating groups & logs them into one, large downloadable program, available at the start of WAAD17.

Who Will Win #WAAD17? 

Participate Online

​​​The Global Race for Awareness:  May 20th in All Time Zones(May 19th 6am EST - May 21st 5am EST)

​How It Works & How YOU Can Participate

1. A Day for Awareness & Education.  WAAD is a day established to raise awareness and gain education about a specific subset of autoimmune/autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component - and related diseases that often are comorbidities (i.e. vasculitis, uveitis, Raynaud's, etc).  ​​

World Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day is recognized on the following calendars internationally:


American Institute for Preventative Medicine

Australian Government Department of Health & Aging

Better Health Channel
Care Aware Calendar
Charity Village
Chases Calendar of Events 2016
Deblin Design Cause Awareness Calendar
Department of Health-Australia
Disabled World
Food and Health Communications

Health Awareness Project

WAAD17 Healthcare Calendar Listings

​​​​​​WAAD was established by the IFAA - an International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory diseases with Arthritis as a major component - in 2012 on May 20th.  This event runs for 47 continuous hours - the duration of May 20th in every global time zone. 

about World Autoimmune /AUTOINFLAMMATORY Arthritis Day