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#waad17 a global car race for awareness & resource sharing

​​What is WAAD?​

waad15 winners

When is WAAD?

WAAD is hosted on May 20th for the duration of all Time Zones (May 19th 6am EST - May 21st 5am EST)

And the fun part?  It's an actual virtual, online race to see how much awareness & education we can spread globally in 47 hours - and YOU are in the driver seat!

​​To truly have a successful awareness campaign, the theme has to be interesting enough to catch the attention of those we want to educate - the public.  So your favorite Nonprofits sign up as the Race Teams (See Official Nonprofit Race Teams) & YOU "drive" by sharing posts on social media while tagging their team & using #WAAD17.  The more you post & share, the more "mileage" points they earn.  ​​

Health Canada
National Health Information Center
National Wellness Institute

Power of Pain Foundation
Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development
Third Sector Awareness Dates
Time and Date
WEGO Health
Wellness Council of America
What Health

Work Smart, Live Smart

​​​​​2.   WAAD is a Way to Find the Resources You Need.   There are many great resources from a variety of Nonprofits/Organizations - some that you may never know about because they are small or they are located on the other side of the world.   WAAD collects those resources from participating groups & logs them into one, large downloadable program, available at the start of WAAD17.

During WAAD15 & WAAD16 Nonprofit Race Teams were able to spread awareness to 10's of 1000's of people in over 60 countries & shared 300 resources in categories that included disease education & management, advocacy, support & communication, & research.

Where is waad?

Online via Facebook & Twitter.  You can follow along with official #WAAD17 posts at our WAAD Facebook & Twitter pages & participate on your own Facebook & Twitter accounts by using the hashtag #WAAD17.

NEW THIS YEAR - Real Race Car Drivers are Showing Their Support!

Thank you to Kyle Marcelli, R.Ferri Motorsport #61 Ferrari 488 GT3, is supporting Nonprofit Team Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness & Support Foundation!

If you drive a race car and feel passionate about our cause, please contact Project Manager, Tiffany Westrich-Robertson at to join #WAAD17!

Top Left: 3rd Place - Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness & Support Foundation

Top Right: 2nd Place - National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

Bottom: Grand Champions - International Pain Foundation

Not Pictured: 4th place winner Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation & 5th place winner IFAA

past winners

​The top 5 Nonprofit Race Teams win the event (which means the nonprofits are sent trophies & have bragging rights until WAAD18).

1. A Day for Awareness & Education. WAAD is a day established to raise awareness about a specific subset of autoimmune/autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component - and related diseases that often are comorbidities (i.e. vasculitis, uveitis, Raynaud's, etc). 

World Autoimmune/Autoinflammatory Arthritis Day is recognized on the following calendars internationally:

American Institute for Preventative Medicine

Australian Government Department of Health & Aging

Better Health Channel
Care Aware Calendar
Charity Village
Chases Calendar of Events 2016
Deblin Design Cause Awareness Calendar
Department of Health-Australia
Disabled World
Food and Health Communications

Health Awareness Project

WAAD17 Healthcare Calendar Listings

​​​​​​WAAD was established by the IFAA - an International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory diseases with Arthritis as a major component - in 2012 on May 20th.  This virtual car race event runs for 47 continuous hours - the duration of May 20th in every global time zone.