The Basics

 1. Sign up.  Simply fill out the Contact Form below if interested in joining the Official #WAAD18 Race to Fuel Awareness.

2. Get your car. Once we approve your team you will be assigned to a #WAAD18 Team Manager, who will set you up with a graphic race car that has your logo (color chosen to match your branding).  This is yours to use as your team chooses. All communications will be done via email.

3. Raise awareness any time during #WAAD18,which is May 20th during all time zones globally (or 47 hours),starting at 6am EST/USA May 19th and ending 5am EST/USA May 21st -translate to your time zone here

This can be done as simply as posting awareness messages or photos on your social media accounts* and letting your supporters "like" or "share" them.  Each "like" or "share" earns your Race Team one mileage pointWe will also provide you with sample posts and some graphics to help create material.

* Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Posts MUST relate to raising awareness about autoimmune and/or autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component to count towards awareness mileage. Mileage will be tallied only during the duration of WAAD18 (47 hours).  Tags prior to or post the start or end of the race will not be counted towards winning #WAAD18. 

Are you a blogger or affiliated with a support group who is passionate about raising awareness for autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases with arthritis as a major component?  Well, good news ... participation could not be easier!  The only requirement, other than actually having a blog or a support group, is teams MUST be led by PATIENTS (no companies who run support groups or have blogs, for example).  Teams are restricted to patient advocates only.

put the pedal to the metal - going the 'extra mile'

 The following items are OPTIONALbut can help you raise more awareness

Awareness does not have to stop on social media - your team can earn more points for any additional awareness activity that you do online OR offline.  Creativity = BIG MILEAGE POINTS.  

2018 blogger & support group race teams 

Would you like to see your favorite blogger or support group participate? Send them the link to this page and invite them to sign up!  If they reach out, we'll take it from there!

Are you a Blogger or affiliated with a Support Group and would like to join the #WAAD18 Race to Fuel Awareness?  Let us know!  Fill out the contact form below:

Bloggers & Support Groups - join us!

are you a blogger or support group leader? Learn how to participate

we are currently recruiting for blogger & support group teams to race for awareness this #WAAD18.  check  back mid-april to view the first round of teams!

winning the official #waad18 Race to fuel awareness

I am a Blogger or Support Group leader and would like to learn more about participating in the Official #WAAD18 Race to Fuel Awareness!

Recruit drivers.  Whether it is through social media posts or e-newsletters, let your supporters know you support global awareness and ask that they choose your blog or support group to drive for during #WAAD18.  They earn mileage points the same way you do - all they need to make sure to do is use #WAAD18 and mention your team when sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We will even provide you with verbiage to help recruit team drivers, including sample social media posts.

Raise awareness offline, then share online.  Examples include hosting an event, baking cupcakes with the colors of WAAD (or representative of a specific disease), arranging a break out awareness lesson on a coffee break at work - the sky is the limit.  Just make sure to post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram during the 47 hour Official #WAAD18 Race to Fuel Awareness.  Make sure your drivers mention your team too if they "go the extra mile" as well as use the hashtag #WAAD18 for tracking purposes! (Example #WAAD18 @TeamBlogAwesome) **  

** Awareness mileage points earned for creative online and offline activities will be collected, per team, through the duration of the Official #WAAD18 Race to Fuel Awareness (May 20th in every time zone, starting at 6am EST/USA May 19th - 5am EST/USA May 21st).  Submissions may be shared on official WAAD18 social media sites, or this website, once submitted.  Value of mileage points will be determined by a panel of WAAD18 volunteers.  

World AUTOimmune & AUTOinflammatory Arthritis Day

May 20th, 2018

 The top three Blogger or Support Group Race Teams, which will be the teams who earn the most awareness mileage points, will win:

  • A racing trophy (real and graphic to post on website/page)
  • An Amazon gift card ($150 1st place, $100 2nd place, $75 3rd place)
  • Feature in the #WAAD18 report, distributed to various stakeholders (including patients, pharmaceutical, and non-pharmaceutical partners.

Winners of both the Blogger/Support Group Race and the Nonprofit Race will be announced online, May 21st at 1pm EST/USA on the official WAAD Facebook and Twitter pages.