WAAD Race Team Winners receive racing trophies.  Pictured: International Pain Foundation, 2017 & 2015 Grand Champions.

Who will win #WAAD18? 

Pick your favorite Nonprofit and Patient Advocacy Teams and help drive them to victory!

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the winners of #waad17 ...

We also thank our Sponsors, Resource Kiosk supporters, and YOU - the community who make #WAAD17 awareness drive to new levels! Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

#WAAD17 Nonprofit Race Team Winners:

Grand Champions: International Pain Foundation
2nd Place: Arthritis Consumer Experts
3rd Place: Relapsing Polychondritis Awareness and Support Foundation
4th Place: International Foundation for Autoimmune & Autoinflammatory Arthritis
5th Place: Arthritis Foundation

Thank you to all of the Nonprofit Race Teams who care so much about our community that they understand the need to bring more attention to the AUTOimmune and AUTOinflammatory diseases with Arthritis as a major component. Understanding the differences in the public - from peers/family/friends to policy makers to practitioners - will only lead to more research dollars, earlier detection, diagnosis, and treatments, and less frustration for those patients who constantly have to explain that their 'arthritis' is not the same as the more commonly understood degenerative arthritis.

World AUTOimmune & AUTOinflammatory Arthritis Day

May 20th, 2018